Beyond this point contains HEAVY SPOILERS! Please proceed at your own RISK.

Tsubasa Katsuki (勝木 翼(かつき つばさ) Katsuki Tsubasa) is a serialized shōnen manga artist with a boyish appearance. She will often put herself in the role of one of her characters in order to work on her manga. Because of her handsome appearance, other girls often fall in love with her.


Tsubasa has a boyish, stoic personality which, in turn, helps her in creating shōnen mangas. Her boyish personality leads her to being careless at times (especially shown when she spilled ink to her shirt) and act all cool, not following almost any rules nor her deadlines which she only finishes in the last minutes. She is grubby when it comes to disposing herself and all her paper works. Though she can be careless. she is shown to be very creative in drawing her mangas and how she can produce and finish it flawlessly. Through her nature, Koyume Koizuka has always looked up to her making her her role model, which in turn developed romantic feelings for her (but always ends up Kaos-chan being the closest to her).

By making her shōnen mangas, she always ends up putting herself in the stories she creates and in turn, shows symptoms of "Chūnibyō (中二病)" delusions. She also sometimes tend to be hyper when she is with the other three. Ruki Irokawa, her fellow mangaka and friend always stood by her side to help her in her works and keeps her collected and focused towards her goals even before their two kouhais joined the gang.


Tsubasa has short, blue hair that is sometimes styled in a ponytail, with yellow, sleepy eyes. She is often mistaken as a guy. On school days, she wears her school uniform with the top button undone and she also wears a blue shirt underneath, where ink was once spilled, making the shirt more fashionable. She also wears a dark blue jacket and blue-and-white shoes with a pair of quarter crew white socks. She also has a thin and slim body and is often envied by Ruki Irokawa and Koyume Koizuka for having the "Perfect Girl's Body"


  • She used to be really girly but ended up being boyish due to her manga.
  • She shows more of her "girly" side whenever she is around her parents.
  • Her name Tusubasa means wing and her pen name Wing-V comes from here.