Beyond this point contains HEAVY SPOILERS! Please proceed at your own RISK.

Suzu Fūra (怖浦 すず Fūra Suzu) is a creepy manga artist who enjoys scaring people. Though she does show a more beautiful side once in awhile.


When she first appeared to the girls, she portrayed a ghost-like yandere feature (as mentioned by Kaos-chan) but later on showed that she was a friendly, warmhearted person. She is said to be in her second year of high school. When she admires people, it tends to be in a horrific and scary way instead of being a compliment itself. She also has a habit appearing out of nowhere and scaring people especially behind them in mirrors.


Suzu Fuura Apperance

Suzu has a long, curvy, black hair reaching just below her waist with a headband and long bangs completely covering her eyes. She is seen wearing a white dress with various patterns and a light-grey casual blazer. She is also wearing a dark grey pair of gloves.

There are times when her eyes show when she appears to be in "yandere" mode, though it is sometimes shown that she has blue-colored pupils.

Though sometimes, she changes outfits and always picks out cute dresses in various kinds of events.


Ruki Irokawa and Tsubasa Katsuki

Suzu was their senpai when they first came to the dormitory. She said that they were her best friends ever since.

Kaoruko Moeta

She has taken a liking for Kaos-chan because of how she can easily be scared of ghosts and so it inspires her to draw whenever she sees Kaos scream in fear. Though she does this, Kaos-chan believes that they have similar feelings of being alone and tend to understand each other's situation.


  • Though she is a scary person herself, she is ironically scared of thunder.