Beyond this point contains HEAVY SPOILERS! Please proceed at your own RISK.

Ruki Irokawa (色川 琉姫(いろかわ るき) Irokawa Ruki) is a serialized "Teen's Love" manga artist. She originally wanted to draw cute animal manga for children, but her ability to draw big-breasted women led to her drawing erotic manga.


Kaoruko Moeta and Koyume Koizuka had their first impression of her as an "erotic" type of person much to their knowledge that she was forced into making erotic mangas due to her ability to draw big breasted women (hence her pen name). She was first introduced as a responsible girl among the group keeping up with the deadlines and a senpai looked upon by her two kouhais. She was praised by the two having known to be a "Professional Manga Artist" and also having big breasts, which was later revealed that she only wore pads, exposing her real cup size, being A. She and Tsubasa Katsuki had a history together and became friends before meeting the two other girls.


She has a long, purple hair reaching to about the level of her waist with a matching purple eyes. She is said to be flat-chested and only wore pads to make something of reference to the characters she draws in her mangas,

In a school uniform, she wears a long sleeve light brown blazer with a white striped pattern at the end of the sleeve with a matching light brown skirt. The uniform also comes with a purple ribbon.

Ruki irokawa

Outside the school, she is also seen wearing various types of outfits.


  • She dislikes Christmas and Valentines because she doesn't have a boyfriend to spend it with.