Beyond this point contains HEAVY SPOILERS! Please proceed at your own RISK.

Miharu Nijino (虹野 美晴(にじのみはる) Nijino Miharu) is Kaos, Ruki and Tsubasa's adviser. She used to work as a mangaka back in high school but eventually gave up to be a teacher.


When she first met the girls, Miharu was a strict, aggressive teacher towards the girls (including Koyume which ended up in a different class) and often scolded them for being late in class. However, she has a hidden personality unknown among the students. In reality, she was a super fan of Wing V and her works. She secretly buys her mangas and wishes to meet her personally. Little does she know that her idol is one of her students and later changed her approach towards her mangaka students, especially Tsubasa.


Miharu has a long, brown hair that is crown braided that almost reaches to her shoulder blades. She has a greenish tone on her eyes. When she has no makeup, she tends to look like a teenager (as Ririka and Mayu once said). She is always seen in her uniform but changes in various outfits outside the school.


Tsubasa Katsuki

Who is also known as "Wing V", was her long time mangaka idol. She treats her specially in class after knowing that she is the mangaka whom she loved the whole time.

Ririka Hanazono and Mayu Amisawa

Her long time best friends way back in high school. They used to be a mangaka themselves but eventually gave up on their hopes of becoming one. Though, they were reunited uncoincidentally through the girls.