Beyond this point contains HEAVY SPOILERS! Please proceed at your own RISK.

Mayu Amisawa (編沢 まゆ(あみさわまゆ) Amisawa Mayu) is Kaoruko Moeta's editor who always rejects her storyboards though having the same style of genre when she was still working as a mangaka back in high school.


Mayu tends to appreciate Kaos-chan's storyboards but sees more potential in her leading to the rejection of her works. She is strict about Kaos-chan's paper works and deadlines but she shows a lot of care to her even though she criticizes her sensei a lot for not trying harder. She always depends on Kaos because she is like a part of a family for her, even though Kaos didn't recognize this at first thinking that she doesn't need her.


Mayu has a short, glaucous shade hair with a pin on its left side. She has a semi-full, dark brown, round glasses with her matching hazel eyes. She is mostly seen in her work clothes but also appears to be in a different style of clothing when outside of work.


Kaoruko Moeta

She is the director of Kaos-chan. She usually rejects her works despite having the same style of artwork back when she was still a mangaka. (Self proclaiming that she has better drawing than Kaos)

Ririka Hanazono and Miharu Nijino

The three of them are very close friends and worked as a mangaka 10 years before they started to have their own careers.


  • Mayu, Ririka and Miharu studied at the same school as the four girls.
  • The three of them worked as a mangaka much like the girls at the dormitory.