Beyond this point contains HEAVY SPOILERS! Please proceed at your own RISK.

Koyume Koizuka (恋塚 小夢(こいづか こゆめ) Koizuka Koyume) is a shōjo manga artist who struggles with drawing boys.


A carefree girl who tends to be lazy most of the time. She loves to eat and as a result, she has a flabby belly. Though she has a timid personality, she is mostly praised by both Ruki and Kaos for having an ideal size of breasts and figure perfect for a model (as said by Ruki), She is very friendly to everyone showing much care especially for Kaos-chan, her roommate. She also has romantic feelings for Tsubasa which always leads to a comedic scene.


Koyume has a mid-long, blonde hair reaching to about her shoulders with a red ribbon knotted to the right side of her hair. She also has blue eyes. As mentioned, she has a C-cup size bra and a curve perfect for a model. She shares the same uniform with the other girls in school while outside, she wears different styles of clothing. She is the third tallest following Tsubasa and Ruki.


Tsubasa Katsuki

Koyume has a feeling of appreciation and affection towards Tsubasa Katsuki because of how hardworking and imaginative she can be. She always looked up to her as a role model for her works.


  • She is in love with Tsubasa and all her works.
  • She has other unnamed friends.
  • She loves doughnuts.
  • Though keeping her hobbies of eating food, she maintains her posture and body shape healthy.