List of Episodes Edit

No. English title

Original Japanese title

Original airdate
1 "I Got the Worst Results on the Survey?!"

"Ankēto Biri desu ka!?" (アンケートビリですか!?) 

April 5, 2018
After getting terrible results from a survey, Kaoruko Moeta, a 4-koma manga artist who goes under the penname Kaos, moves into the Bunhousha Women's Dormitory for manga artists to improve her manga. Upon arriving, Kaoruko gets acquainted with her new roommate, a shōjo manga artist named Koyume Koizuka who struggles with drawing boys, before meeting serialized authors Ruki Irokawa and Tsubasa Katsuki. Later that night, Kaoruko and Koyume learn about how Ruki wanted to draw children's manga, but wound up drawing raunchy teens' love manga instead, before assisting Tsubasa in finishing up her shōnen manga in time for her deadline. 
2 "Back to School"

"Kyō Kara Gakkō deshita" (今日から学校でした) 

April 12, 2018
Ruki and Tsubasa take Kaoruko and Koyume into the city to buy new art supplies. The girls soon begin their new semester at school, with Koyume ending up in a different class from the others while Kaoruko struggles with being surrounded by new classmates. 
3 "Jiggle Jiggle Bounce"

"Punipuni Poyon desu ne" (プニプニポヨンですね) 

April 19, 2018
As Kaoruko struggles with writing a gourmet manga, the girls decide to hold a sketching contest to help improve her drawing. To this end, Ruki has Koyume model for her, leading to an awkward conversation about breast size. Feeling inferior compared to the other girls, Kaoruko ends up skipping meals to work on her storyboard and collapses as a result. To help her get better, the dorm mother Ririka Hanazono contacts Kaoruko's parents in order to make her some comfort food. But in the end, Kaoruko's latest gourmet manga was still not approved. 
4 "Scuffling Wildly Rendezvous"

"Kunzu Hoguretsu Randevū" (くんずほぐれっランデヴー) 

April 26, 2018
The girls become concerned with Ruki pulling consecutive all-nighters, so they try to help her with her erotic manuscripts. Finding the content too extreme to help with, Kaoruko instead teaches Ruki how to make digital art on her new computer. After her manga goes on sale, Ruki panics when her editor asks her to hold an autograph session. After some encouragement from both Tsubasa and Ririka, Ruki manages to face the event, becoming delighted to meet all of her fans. 
5 "Amisawa-san, Do You Cosplay?"

"Amisawa-san Kosupure surun desu ka?" (編沢さん コスプレするんですか?) 

May 3, 2018
Koyume brings everyone to the beach, only to find the others seem more interested in practising their drawing than playing in the sea, although they are eventually convinced to have fun. Afterwards, Ruko goes clothes shopping with Koyume, quickly picking up on her crush on Tsubasa and suggesting they go on a date to an amusement park together. While not being able to confess, Koyume does receive some comfort from Tsubasa over her concerns that she is falling behind everyone. 
6 "I'll Go Shave All My Hair Off!"

"Marugari ni Shitekimasu" (丸刈りにしてきます) 

May 10, 2018
Kaoruko becomes scared by a ghostly figure, who turns out to be Suzu Fūra, a horror manga artist who quickly takes a liking to the way she screams. While initially afraid of Suzu's unique behavior, Kaoruko soon notices her hidden beauty and befriends her. Later, homeroom teacher Miharu Nijino, who is a secret otaku who likes to cosplay, questions Tsubasa over sleeping in class, becoming surprised to learn she is the author of her favorite manga. 
7 "Is This Heaven!?"

"Koko wa Tengoku desu ka!?" (ここは天国ですか!?) 

May 17, 2018